o2 to drop unlimited data plans

o2 to drop unlimited data plans Let’s face it. “Unlimited” internet doesn’t exist. Even when an ISP or mobile network says, “unlimited internet” you’ll probably find a tiny paragraph at the bottom that mentions a fair usage policy and possibly some blocked ports or traffic shaping. o2 have today announced that they’ll ditch their “unlimited data” plans for new and upgrading customers, with a 500MB data plan bundled into most plans instead. CEO of o2, Ronan Dunne, stated..

“We know that customers are looking for clarity in pricing as too many offers have clauses and catches which are not easy to understand. With the wide range of Internet based services now available on mobile devices we’re providing customers with generous clear data bundles that give customers freedom.”

According to their stats, 97% of o2 smartphone owners never exceed 500MB per month, but you can have 1GB for £10 per month if you wish.

If you’re on o2, do let us know your thoughts on this, especially if you’re in that 3%.

Link – Press Release