Dell Streak On PAYG For £399.99

Dell Streak On PAYG For £399.99

O2 have launched the tablet/phone device today called the Dell Streak.  The Android 1.6 powered device comes with a 5 inch touch screen using a new technology to harden the screen as you might have seen in a recent video posted.

The great news for many people who are happy on Simplicity contracts or have a while to go before upgrade is that O2 have priced the Dell Streak at £399.99 on PAYG. 

Although expensive, you do get a brand new Android device with Tablet and Phone features plus still being able to stay on your existing contract and just think that brand new iPad which Apple recently launched does not act as a phone where as this device will do.

I am hoping to have a Dell Streak in to review shortly

Link: O2 Store