Sony Ericsson Aspen reviewed

Sony Ericsson Aspen reviewed The Aspen was launched in February and, as with many Windows Mobile-powered Sony Ericsson phones, things have started off badly. PDA-247 haven’t got many good words to say about it unfortunately…

“I love how the whole phone creaks when I type… it creaks a hell of a lot, to the point that you can hear it moving. I have no idea why Sony Ericsson has made the Aspen. I do not understand why it has persevered with Windows Mobile, but mostly I do not understand how and why it was designed the way it has been. It could make a usable business smartphone, but there are MUCH better phones out there for this purpose and it excels in no areas at all.”

So.. not good then ? The reviewer sums things up by saying..

“I don’t think I have reviewed a phone as dated and badly designed as this one in a long, long time.”


Link – pda-247