Windows Phone 7 and Kin to merge?!

Windows Phone 7 and Kin to merge?! The Kin phones have already had a rough few weeks. Harsh reviews and a fairly high price plan have forced Microsoft and Verizon onto the defensive. Senior Product Manager for Mobile Communications at Microsoft, Greg Sullivan, has now revealed that the Kin and Windows Phone 7 platforms will actually be merging in the long term and downloadable apps will arrive at some point too.

Merging the two platforms? Well, the quote is fairly clear…

“Over the longer term, we’ll be merging [Kin and Windows Phone 7] platforms and having downloadable apps”

Until now we’ve been told that, despite us asking about the design and style similarities, the two platforms were different beasts.

Microsoft point out that they’ll have full control over both platforms update-wise and it’s obvious through the interview that Microsoft are in no mood for backing down.

Link – Computerworld