HTC Desire available on o2 at last

HTC Desire available on o2 at last Yesterday we were hassling the lovely people at o2 for an update on the HTC Desire. Just when will it be available? They stuck to their “mid-May” time-frame and indeed their main shop still has a front-page HTC Desire link taking you to the coming soon page but, if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that it is indeed available now.

Regular visitors will know just how popular this phone is, so get clicking if you’re after this on o2. If you want to see a bit more of the phone, check out our mini review and videos. It’s an astonishingly good phone.

Edit – According to the o2 version of the Desire has..

“.. little O2 customisation on the machine, only the O2 APN is set and the obligitary O2 Wallpaper.”

Good news.

Link – HTC Desire on o2Desire Review
Credit – Ken