Damage – Has your phone lived to tell the tale?

Damage   Has your phone lived to tell the tale? The other night, completely sober, I dropped my HTC Hero. It bounced down the stairs, hitting pretty much every step and came to a stop against the stair-gate. I feared the worst, but after finding the battery and cover it all seemed to power on just fine and worked perfectly well. I’m gaining a certain respect for my daily phone now. I never use a cover or a screen protector (I know, I know) and have dropped or got it wet on numerous occasions. Having a toddler adds another dimension, with the Hero being used as a spade or a hammer fairly regularly.

When I posted a Tweet about this Tom Rettig responded with this story involving a rather poorly HD2. The host of this WCAU TV-10 show had a HD2 on loan and – as many people do – left it on the roof of his car. It slid off and then got ran over by a number of vehicles. If you can put up with the rather sycophantic lady this is a pretty interesting video – the screen got crushed but it still accepts calls.

Have you had a similar experience? Tell us about your damaged or broken phones and whether they survived!

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Credit – Tom Rettig