Android 2.2 clocked – Runs like lickety split

Android 2.2 clocked   Runs like lickety split Yesterday you may have noticed a quick glimpse of Android 2.2 right at the end of the Flash Player demo. The guys at AndroidPolice have also got a Nexus One running the new Froyo version, and they’ve clocked it going 450% faster than Android 2.1. That’s kinda like trading in a Kia Picanto for a Bugatti Veyron.

We’ve seen handsets running Android 2.2 before, but these Linpack stats show the Android 2.2 and Nexus One combo clocking 37.5 MFLOPS, compared to around 6.5 MFLOPS on 2.1, or just 2 MFLOPS on the Hero. Whatever way you look at it, that’s a whole load of megaFLOPS.

According to rumours Android 2.2 will be announced next week at Google I/O. Oh, and if anyone from Bugatti is listening, we’re open to reviews.. 😉

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