Reviewers blast the Kin phones

Reviewers blast the Kin phones Imagine the pain of having a tooth removed without any anesthetic. Painful huh? Now try reading the engadget Kin review and you may feel pretty much the same. It echoes the earlier phonescoop review and, although a major part of the problem is the high monthly price schemes, the actual handset itself is slated left, right and centre…

“The execution (or lack thereof) on these products makes us legitimately concerned about what the company will do with Windows Phone 7. We can only hope that the similarities between those devices and the Kin handsets don’t stretch much further than the “Windows Phone” label, because in our estimation, Kin is one side of the family that needs to be disowned… quickly.”

It doesn’t stop there either…

“If you were a teenager or young adult with all of these great options laid out before you, the idea of choosing this severely limited device which doesn’t do a single thing better than even the most basic Android device is kind of crazy.”

The guys from Phonescoop say….

“Microsoft is a software company. That’s why I am so surprised at how poor this software is. You may find the Kin offers just the right amount of features. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends or family members.”

The “Pink Project” has taken 2 years of development time for Microsoft. They’ve thrown everything at it, but meanwhile the world has moved on. Android and other phones can already do everything that the KIN phones can, and for less money. Windows Phone 7 is still stuck on the starting grid, and will no doubt launch with a lot less apps than Android / iPhone or Nokia. I say again. Is it too late?

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