See the X10 interface working – Live

See the X10 interface working   Live So what happens if you put a brand-new Xperia X10 under a web-cam and stick it live on the web? You get a live phone, umm.. err.. on the web. Send emails, Tweets or Facebook messages to the guys on and it’ll appear live on the camera. This isn’t a clever Flash anim (at least I don’t think so) – this seems to be sitting on a desk with with a hand appearing randomly and selecting items from the timeline.

This is a bit more than just a clever marketing campaign, you can win an X10 too, so head on over and join the fun. We’ve already had our 15 minutes of fame as you can see on the right here. :)

Link – Xperia X10 Live!

See the X10 interface working   Live
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