Windows Mobile to Android. The start of things to come?

Windows Mobile to Android. The start of things to come? Fellow Mobian Matt Miller has written a great article about something that’s unfortunately happening more and more. He’s ditching Windows Mobile. As a long-time user it’s surprisingly the rather fantastic HD2 that’s made him turn. It seems that the fragmented media player experience, the presence of quickly-resized WinMo 6 fields and lack of developer support was just too much.

His preferred device now ? Matt now recommends the Android-powered Nexus One (or heck, why not have the Desire) over the HD2 and has recently had the HTC Incredible too.

As for me ? I’m a Windows Mobile MVP but my primary device now is the Android-powered HTC Hero. Matt, like me, is waiting to see what Windows Phone 7 brings when it appears later in the year… but.. is it already too late? We’ve covered this before, but we’d love to know your thoughts on this. When long-time Windows Mobile fans begin to switch, when HTC are prepared to shell out big bucks on buying rights from MS to sell Android, when Android is doing so well and when the Android app catalogue is balooning, is there a market for a “start again” OS?

What’s your opinion? Come on, good or bad. I can take it… 🙂

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