HTC Desire deal – £30 per month plus free handset!

HTC Desire deal   £30 per month plus free handset! Come on. The HTC Desire is simply umaazin’. If you’ve seen our review and want one, this Vodafone deal might tickle your fancy. The total cost for 12 months is just £360 and you get the phone for nothing too.

There’s 300 minutes of talk time, which is 5 long hours, and 3000 texts with “virtually unlimited” internet. It’s just £40 per month but you get 3 months of your line rental free (redeem £40 in month 6, £40 in month 9 and another £40 in month 12) which effectively saves you £120 and brings it down to £30 per month by the end of the year! Bargain!

This is a 12 month plan for a total cost of £360 ! The phone, unlocked, costs around £385 without a plan usually, which is why we’re plugging this. Yes, it’s one of our own deals, but how often do we push them in your face eh ? 🙂