The Laybag Leipzig – A cool cushion for your phone

The Laybag Leipzig   A cool cushion for your phone The Laybag Leipzig is a different kind of phone holder. It’s a machine washable bean-bag with small plastic pellets inside. Pop your phone (or portable media player, PSP or whatever) onto the bag and a small lip at the bottom of the bag holds it in place nicely. This is ideal for popping in your car, coat, handbag or pocket and also acts as a stress-reliever if you want 🙂

It’s great for watching YouTube videos, catching up with TV shows or watching movies. You can prop the phone up at the right angle and the bag will sit quite happily on any surface – be it your leg, your car seat, your dashboard or your laptop bag on the train home. There’s a range of colours, patterns and types. Here in the UK you can get them from or you can check their site for other countries and retailers.

They cost £13.75, but you can win one of the two we have just by following us on Twitter. The competition is on until May 8th but we’ve got a video overview and some up-close pictures. So come on, join our Twitter feed and you could end up winning one of these – oh, and we’ll have more give-aways soon!

Links – Video reviewUp-close