Andy Rubin talks Android. Now and next.

Andy Rubin talks Android. Now and next. VP of engineering at Google, Andy Rubin, has been chatting with the New York Times about Android. The fact that the OS is so open is the major plus point according to Andy. He’s confident that Android sales will exceed Apple and RIM sales because of this. Andy even compares closed OS’s to the North Korean government…

“When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work.”

Adobe Flash is yet again confirmed for Android 2.2 (aka “Froyo”) and there’s confirmation that Google is aware of the fragmentation issue. Sure, newer OS versions may mean that apps aren’t compatible with older versions but….

“..compatibility for us means more than it does for other people. We have to run on a screen the size of a phone and a 42-inch plasma display — and still be compatible.”

There was even a passing comment about the lost iPhone saga. Andy said he’d actually be happy if the same thing happened with a future Android phone, “With openness comes less secrets.”

Link – New York Times