Additional KIN specs now available

Additional KIN specs now available Extra specs for Microsoft KIN phones have now appeared online. The details, which appear solely on gdgt for some reason, reveal a 600Mhz CPU at the heart of both phones and Exchange support plus light, motion and proximity sensors.

The KIN ONE and KIN TWO both have 256MB RAM, FM Radio, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and aGPS. The only differences in specs appears to be the camera (5 megapixel on the ONE, 8 on the TWO), the screen size (240×320 2.6″ on the ONE, 320×480 3.4″ on the TWO), storage (4GB on the ONE, 8GB on the TWO) and there’s mono sound on the ONE compared to stereo on the TWO.

Links – KIN ONE SpecsKIN TWO Specs (