Co0kie’s Home Tab – Adds flexibility to Sense

Co0kies Home Tab   Adds flexibility to Sense OK, so the Windows Mobile version of HTC Sense isn’t quite as flexible as the Android version but, with the help of Co0kie’s Home Tab it very nearly is. This excellent app will let you modify the Home Tab on your HTC Sense interface. You can move stuff around, change the clock type, alter appointment bars and a whole lot more.

Features include the option to hide empty links, a grid view in the program selector, up to 7 appointments in the Home Tab, 3 unlock modes, 1 to 3 quick link rows and a call, sms and email notifications bar.

This really is worth looking at. There’s a video showing it in action on a HTC HD2 below. I want to thank JonRouston for giving me a nudge about this, it’s an amazing addition to the Sense interface.

Link – Co0kie’s Home Tab v1.7.0
Credit – JonRouston

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