The ‘KIN 15 minute-delay

The KIN 15 minute delay The fireworks went off yesterday as the Microsoft KIN phones were announced. KIN will connect you to friends without the need to worry about who’s on which social network. It’s your social network connection, but reports from engadget state that updates from your online chums may be delayed by 15 minutes.

The Microsoft servers are apparently set to online ping the MySpace, Windows Live, Twitter and Facebook servers every quarter of an hour. There’s rumours that this may be an effort to reduce data usage but it does kinda add an element of reality to the advertising…

“Hey, should I buy this dress?”

(15 minutes later)

“No, it looks dreadful!”

“What? I’ve just bought it! I left the shop ages ago, I’m on the bus home.”

Yes, we’re aware that instant updates aren’t available on most phones, but you can adjust the settings on other handsets.

Link – engadget