HTC HD mini – Videos, pictures and screenshots galore

HTC HD mini   Videos, pictures and screenshots galore This weekend I’ve had a short while to play with the HTC HD mini. There’s simply not enough time for a full review, but I do have plenty of up-close photos including that yellow see-thru battery compartment.

Day 3 of the video diary is online here and there’s a look at CoPilot and a dive into the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS beneath the surface. Unfortunately CoPilot decided to try and download a 10MB map file over GPRS, so there’s a follow-up wobble-cam video here showing CoPilot doing some navigation and map-browsing.

If that’s not enough for you then check out some of the photos taken with the HD mini and some screenshots from the HTC Sense UI. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the dinky little HD mini. It speeds along and the HTC Sense interface (along with the Opera browser, HTC Peep, YouTube apps etc) makes Windows Mobile 6.5 pretty and the camera is extremely quick and responsive. Click on for the videos..

Update – You may have noticed me struggling with the YouTube app in these vids. This isn’t an issue with the phone, rather with T-Mobile UK. Rik has mailed in to say, “Go into connections and turn the T-Mobile proxy off – you will then find it works”. Thanks man!

Links – HTC HD mini PhotosHD mini Day 3 video (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Links – Photos taken with the HD miniScreenshots