Stolen stuff returned with the help of WaveSecure

Stolen stuff returned with the help of WaveSecure Here’s a very interesting blog post from a computing student in London. It details how Andrew, a computing student from London, located and retrieved his stolen belongings using WaveSecure on his HTC Hero. The app will let you backup and restore your data plus you can remotely control and lock down your device and track it too. My cynical knee-jerk reaction would say that it’s just a PR stunt but the guy behind the site does have a full CV online and WaveSecure haven’t even linked to it. Andrew has also replied to suggestions that he works for the company and it all seems to check out.

Andrew got burgled and, as a Computer Science (Compsci) student, he was determined to find the people who stole his laptop, phone and other posessions. Whilst waiting for the police he remembered that he’d installed WaveSecure (there’s a 7-day trial available) on the Hero and quickly found out where it was with Google Maps, helping to pinpoint the exact shop it was being resold in. The Police arrived and, by calling the phone and listening out for it near to the shops, they quickly found the culprit and Andrew got all his stuff back.

An amazing story and, whether it be true or not, it certainly shows the power of the app if nothing else.

Link – (Now $19.90 per year)

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