HTC Desire everywhere, but no SIM free yet

HTC Desire everywhere, but no SIM free yet The HTC Desire. o2 are selling it, Three will shortly be doing the same and, good news, Vodafone seem to have it live and T-Mobile do too. This morning Orange started shipping it and you’re all busy chatting about it in the forums

So great news then. Everybody is happy. Well, no actually. For some reason the SIM free version is being held back until possibly the 13th or 14th of April – a week away. Apparently HTC have still not supplied any Desire handsets to the SIM free channels and all SIM free handsets are being reflashed. There’s a few knocking around but not enough as of yet.

Update – Yes, there are a few unlocked units from places like Carphone Warehouse but it appears that the main batch of SIM-free Desire handsets is being reflashed. Also we forgot to mention the Desire on Virgin – it’s in store and according to @weirdshanghai it’s SIM free ! 🙂

Links – HTC Desire on o2 / Three / Vodafone / T-Mobile / Orange

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