7 Series on existing phones – Is it all just fakery?

7 Series on existing phones   Is it all just fakery? First we had the HTC HD2 apparently running Windows Phone 7 Series. The audience went crazy and there’s still a fairly decent majority who think that this original video is real. However, another video quickly followed, this time of the HTC Diamond running Windows Phone 7 Series. Doubts quickly started forming in the crowd, and the odd “boo” could be heard.

Now there’s yet another video but this time it’s from mobiletechworld.com and they’re freely admitting that it’s a fake. Using the remote desktop (RDP) trick we were suspecting, they’ve got the HTC HD2 controlling a desktop PC running Windows Phone 7 Emulator in 720×480. The results are pretty stunning and immediately pour cold water on the original video, but.. somewhere in the back of the room.. there’s still a small group who want to believe.

Come on.. show us that ROM. We know it’s out there somewhere.

Update – It looks like the original thread at htcpedia has now been closed after the audience started throwing beer glasses at the stage.

Link – mobiletechworld.com (Fake vid)

Links – Diamond with 7 Series (Possibly fake vid)Original (Possibly almost fake)