HTC Desire – Delayed a bit after all?

HTC Desire   Delayed a bit after all? OK, we’re getting some confusing messages this evening on the HTC Desire. It started this morning when we heard that there was a possible delay to the handset for T-Mobile customers. Later today we had an update from the the T-Mobile Twitter account – there was no delay and handsets were now shipping.

However, we’re hearing now that there is a delay in other places. Clove have just put a message on their Desire page which states..

“HTC Desire release date delayed until 7th April. This delay affects all UK stock. No reseller will (receive) shipments any quicker.”

We’ve done some digging around and, from what we’re hearing, the Desire did fail Google testing. According to our sources a different ROM has been added to the T-Mobile versions to get them out of the door, but we’re still trying to get more info at the moment. We’re also seeing the new April 7th arrival date on

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