Official Dropbox Android App on the way

Official Dropbox Android App on the way Have you used Dropbox ? Put simply it’s an online file-store and you get 2GB of space for your files. Login anywhere, grab your stuff, upload some stuff. Done. An official Android client will be coming soon after the guys caved in to a huge amount of requests. They state that, “This app will be available for all flavors of Android within the next couple months. So sit tight.”

Until then there’s a free app in the Android Market but it’s only a shortcut to the webpage and just allows downloads to your phone from your online account. The app announced yesterday will have full integration so you’ll be able to upload / backup files from your Android phone directly into your Dropbox account, stream music and movies to your phone, make edits to your files and sync them back or share links to files in your Dropbox.

We’ll let you know when the full app appears.

Link – Blog Post