T-Mobile reveal Android 2.1 Update schedules

T Mobile reveal Android 2.1 Update schedules HTC Hero owners are currently perched on the edge of their seats. At the moment Android 1.5 powers the device and, with enhancements in apps like Google Maps that aren’t compatible with 1.5, they’re eager to get the new Android 2.1 and updated HTC Sense interface.

Today electricpig has news for owners of the T-Mobile G2 version. According to them it’ll roll “at the end of April or in early May once testing is complete”.

There’s also news of 2.1 updates for the Pulse Mini and the Samsung Galaxy Portal. The Pulse Mini update should appear around April 23rd, with the Samsung Galaxy Portal update coming towards the end of May.

Link – electricpig.co.uk
Credit – TheNewShaft