Windows Phone 7 in more detail at MIX10

Windows Phone 7 in more detail at MIX10 So, some other interesting information from MIX10 today. Microsoft have yet again stated that no, no, absolutey no, the HD2 will definitely not get Windows Phone 7 Series. Also, the hardware details are out – there’ll be a consistent set of hardware with one resolution available at launch – 800×480. That’s it, no more, no less. Later a 480×320 resolution will be available.

Windows Phone 7 Series .. umm.. phones will have the same RAM and the same touch screen. Also, in the middle of the demos, there was a brief glance at an unannounced Samsung phone and Marketplace got an unveiling – it’ll be the only way to get apps on your Windows Phone.

Developers are key to the success of Windows Phone and interest is definitely there – the site is down as I type!

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