New YouTube app available for WinMo

New YouTube app available for WinMo Google have added a new version of their YouTube application which improves speed and helps to make finding videos easier.

“In today’s release we have added search query suggestions, ‘My Account’ support, and a new homescreen user interface that is optimized for larger screens. Now when you log into your YouTube account on our phone, you can view your favorites, subscriptions and playlists from wherever you are. Let’s say you have recently found an amazing basketball shot video and favorited it on your desktop PC. When you’re at the basketball court with your friends all you need to do is launch the YouTube app and go to your “Favorites” to show it to them.”

There’s also suggestions which – just like Google search – will pop up as you search for videos. To grab it, grab your phone and browse to or click below for the details..

Link – Google Mobile Blog

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