iPhone Flat-lines, Google Surges, MS slides

iPhone Flat lines, Google Surges, MS slides The comScore MobiLens service reports on trends in the US mobile industry. In the three months between October 2009 and January 2010 their stats, which come from Smartphone subscribers aged over 13 years old, show that Microsoft appear to have lost ground, the iPhone has plateaued but the Google Android OS has more than doubled it’s share.

This graph, taken from gizmodo, shows the change on the previous figures and – although Android remains a smaller player – their rate of growth is pretty amazing.

Windows Phone 7 Series, which was recently announced at Mobile World Congress, will hopefully reverse the slide for Microsoft. However, there’s a number of months to go before this OS appears and we’ll be keeping an eye on the next stats when they appear.

Link – comScore

Credit – Gizmodo.comTechcrunch.com