Google Street View Expands – Grab your mobile now!

Google Street View Expands   Grab your mobile now! Some months ago I blogged about how the Google car had snapped pictures of my entire family. Today the journey is complete and all those millions of photos are online. Google Street View has expanded to cover most of the UK and it’s available right now, in your hand.

Your street, your house, your car and possibly everything else is now in the Google matrix. It’s on your phone too. I tested it on a HTC Hero and grabbed this screenshot from a very tiny local lane. Even dirt tracks appear to have been covered with your Windows Mobile or Android now getting the updated images.

I’m counting the minutes until (A) Lots more “strange images” are found (B) Someone films themselves outside their house viewing Google Street View on an Android phone with compass mode turned on or (C) This hits the newspapers with headlines shouting about “invasion of privacy”.

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