The entire X10 range coming to o2?

The entire X10 range coming to o2? Sony Ericsson recently stepped back into the limelight with a new range of X10 handsets. It was a welcome return to form after the Windows-powered X2 was dropped by Vodafone – the X2 will still be available elsewhere though. Voda has now picked up the Android-powered Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 instead and it’s coming in April. We also spotted that the X10 Mini in the Vodafone “cube” at Mobile World Congress alongside the HTC Legend. We’re guessing that both these devices will be popping onto Vodafone too.

However, over at o2 we’ve already spotted the X10 twice. News reaches us now that ALL of the Sony Ericsson X10 handsets will be coming to o2 next month. We were particularly impressed by the tiny keyboarded X10 – the Mini Pro. It’ll do well with the texting and social-networking fans.

Link – Sony Ericsson X10 Family Portrait