Windows Phone 7 Question and Answer session

Windows Phone 7 Question and Answer session Matt from has just finished off an interview with Alex Reeve from Microsoft. Alex is Director of Mobile Business Group in the UK and has responded to questions about Windows Phone 7 Series. We’ve picked out some of the more interesting responses below. Do let us know what you think…

Q: Can the UI be customised in the same way as WM6.5 in the way that HTC added TouchFLO for example?

A: We have created a new and unique UI for consumers. We feel there is no need for our partners to change the UI.

Q: Will customers that have recently bought 6.5 handsets be able to upgrade to WP7 if their device meets minimum spec?

A: It’s early days yet, and that’s really for our hardware partners to think about

Q: How well will Windows Phone 7 support business/enterprise use given the on-going support for class/6.5?

A: Windows Phone 7 Series will be great for business, with Exchange, Office hub, etc. It’s for real people who work AND play.

Alex wasn’t able to answer all the questions as there’s still a lot of stuff to be decided or announced, but you can hop onto the link below for more responses..

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