Independent again – we chat to Astraware

Independent again   we chat to Astraware At Mobile World Congress we hooked up with Astraware. Way back in January 2008 Astraware was acquired by Handmark. They worked together to expand and work together on delivering mobile apps and games to customers across the world. However, just last month the arrangement ended in a deal which returned control to the original founders.

Partner Manager at Astraware, Priscilla Córdova, showed us some of the games that Astraware are working on. Oddblob, pictured here, is a fun puzzle / platform cross-over game and they’re also updating older but still popular games for newer platforms and screen sizes. During our chat, it became clear that Astraware are glad to be independent again. They’re a heavily motivate team and I believe they felt sidelined recently during their time with Handmark.

The Astraware team are pretty rare. They care and support for their customers greatly. A dedicated team operate in their custom-built offices to help anyone owning an Astraware game. They have a high quality threshold too, with no adverts in games and wide testing across a huge amount of devices and platforms. Windows Mobile and Blackberry are still among the biggest OS’s for them, with a continued commitment to Windows Mobile and Android.

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