Windows Phone 7 Series Launch – Full video

Windows Phone 7 Series Launch   Full video So, following the full HTC press conference video we’ve got some more. This time it’s the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series launch announcement. Again, this is recorded by professional TV crews and features Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) and Joe Belfiore (Vice President, Windows Phone) introducing the new OS.

We love the look of the new OS, but there are a few obstacles to get over. First, it seems that no current 6.5.x phones are upgradeable (according to this cnet article), none of the current apps will work on the new OS and there won’t be the level of customisation currently available on 6.5.xx phones. This really is a big fat “format and reinstall” of a brand new OS in every sense. It’s certainly a big decision for Microsoft and it will no doubt upset and delight people in equal measure. It does needs to be done though, and it looks so different to anything we’ve seen over the last decade.

Click on for the launch video and also some more demo vids.

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