The Acer Android range at Mobile World Congress

The Acer Android range at Mobile World Congress Last night we popped along to see Acer. They’ve got a fairly substantial Windows Mobile and Android range available. One of their latest phones, the Acer Liquid, was on display along with a very similar looking phone – the “Acer Liquid e”. Actually it is exactly the same phone. What Acer are doing is actually selling the same handset but with the very latest Android 2.1 OS. Existing users of the Acer Liquid won’t be able to get it for many months.

This is an interesting idea and pretty much the polar opposite of HTC, who are rolling out the new OS to “older” handsets along with their brand new ones.

Again, the Android handsets were extremely quick. This Liquid packs a 5 megapixel shooter, 3.5″ capacitive touch screen and is powered by a 768Mhz Qualcomm chip. There’s also WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, microSD expansion, 3.5mm audio port and some interesting Acer tweaks, like a rollerdex-style system for choosing apps. I also played with the “Spinlets” system for streaming your favourite tunes to your handset and full social networking integration. We then used the “urFooz” system – this will create your own virtual avatar, adding hair-styles, clothes, jewellery and so on, then it’ll update your favourite social networking sites with the new picture.

Again, lovely styling across the range on these Acer handsets. I think they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Link – Acer at Mobile World Congress