HTC HD mini – Hands on

HTC HD mini   Hands on The HD2 is a wonderful phone. We love it. Until Windows Phone 7 comes along it’s pretty much holding the flag for Windows Mobile. Imagine you’ve left yours in the tumble dryer and, well – you’ve got this, the HTC HD mini. It’s another One & Co design and you might think I’m a bit crazy for showing this picture of the insides.

It’s yellow. I mean bright yellow. The battery and whole inside is sunshine yellow. You can see inside too – the microchips and everything are on display and, yet again, the battery cover is the antenna to save space (take a look). Four industrial screws hold the thing together and they’re on show – these aren’t fake “designs” – the actual screws are there to give it some extra flair. It’s light and uses the very latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 but HTC have done a couple of tweaks that you’ll all love – they’ve changed those finger-friendly “bubbles” that Microsoft added to the bottom – they’re now rectangles. Why? To maintain the HTC Sense style throughout the phone.

The HTC HD2 is great but there’s a good room for error on the big screen – I found WinMo 6.5.3 and the Sense interface worked very well, even on this 3.2″ screen and the picture quality from the HVGA screen is brilliant. I still want a flash, but the 5 megapixel camera wasn’t bad at all. Everything else is packed into this small handset too – GPS, proximity sensor, G-sensor and WiFi.

Link – HTC HD mini Gallery

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