More HTC Desire Hands-on – T-Mobile join in the fun

More HTC Desire Hands on   T Mobile join in the fun Well, after the announcement and the confirmation from Orange, it looks like T-Mobile are getting in on the act too.

The 1Ghz Android Desire is now sitting on the T-Mobile UK website with a link for updates. We got to play with the Desire today (video coming soon) and we’ve got stacks of pictures. First impressions? The camera is much better, the screen is gorgeous and the HTC Sense interface is even better – it now includes the Friend Stream system for placing Twitter, Flickr and Facebook updates into one neat place, plus there’s a “Leap” option which will let you flick between HTC Sense pages speedily.

Update – T-Mobile state that they’re getting the Desire on March 26th!

Links – Desire Hands-on