Goodbye ActiveSync, the end of an era

Goodbye ActiveSync, the end of an era Windows Phone 7 Series got announced just yesterday. I’d like to call it the “Microsoft Shock and Awe” experience. It showed the world just what Microsoft were working on. Fellow MVP Dave Parker has delved a bit deeper into this new OS and revealed more interesting facts. He spoke to Paul Foster, Microsoft Developer Evangelist for Windows Phone 7 Series in the UK. The revelations may be surprising for some..

First. Remember ActiveSync? Sure, it’s called Windows Mobile Device Centre in Vista / Windows 7 but, either way, it’ll no longer be used. Instead you’ll be using the Zune software to “easily synchronize music, videos and photos”. Hmm.. sounds like ActiveSync is history then. Paul also clarifies some of the concerns about how customizable the OS will be and how many device types will be available. They recognise that the one-size-fits-all model isn’t ideal and there’ll be a variety of phone designs. There will also be a certain element of customization, although the idea of additional layers on top of the UI by OEM’s is history. No more HTC Sense or other Windows Mobile GUI skins.

What are your thoughts on this ?

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