Orange launch roaming data plan

Orange launch roaming data plan Orange have just announced something which will no doubt please a lot of travellers within Europe – a fixed daily data tariff for roaming. Launching first in France and coming soon across all Orange European operations you’ll pay just €2 for 2MB with their “Travel Data Daily roaming tariff” with a €5 for 10MB plan also available.

No doubt many will have already experienced the pain of a huge phone bill after daring to browse the net abroad – it’s a costly business and it’s so good to see an operator doing something about it.

Olaf Swantee, Senior Executive Vice President for Orange’s global mobile business, stated..

“Our customers shouldn’t be constrained by national boundaries or worries over their bill when they’re abroad. For many of our customers, who are just starting out on their mobile internet journey, we want to give them peace of mind and create a simple platform to be able to experience and experiment with mobile multimedia services wherever they are, whenever they want.”

Let’s hope other operators follow suit!

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