Orange confirm Windows Phone 7 Series Support

Orange confirm Windows Phone 7 Series Support As you know, Microsoft showed off their new Mobile OS today. HTC have added their support and now Orange have also backed the OS. The network will become a key partner to Microsoft in Europe, just as it did eight years ago when this site first started. Windows Phone 7 Series phones … wait, I’m beginning to spot a problem – how often will we have to type “This is a Windows Phone 7 Series Phone” ? That’s two mentions of the word “Phone” to describe.. a phone?

Sorry. Windows Phone 7 Series… Phones will be made available across the Orange footprint with specialised customer support. Orange are also planning to use SIM and network authentication to create a single customer “ID” to eliminate the need to register for multiple accounts on Windows Phone 7 Series. Olaf Swantee, SEVP of Orange’s global mobile business, stated …

“(We Will bring) Orange Windows Phone 7 Series customers more than just a phone, but a full end-to-end multimedia experience that will give them enhanced access to content and dedicated in-store support. This partnership we are planning with Microsoft, sharing service capabilities expert customer assistance, is just part of how Orange is working with the industry to revolutionise customer care and bring mobile multimedia to everyone.”

Get the full press release on the link below.

Link – Orange / Microsoft Press Announcement