Mobile World Congress 2010 – The night before..

Mobile World Congress 2010   The night before.. A quick walk around Barcelona tonight reveals just how big the Mobile World Congress is. Planes are overbooked and, when you do arrive, the taxi drivers look at you as you juggle your mobile and laptop and say, “The congress?, Si?”

We’re stopping just one block from the action. On one side of the Pla├ža d’Espanya is the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel. It’s draped in Windows Phone advertising with those white stickers and card hiding the “7 Series” name. Here’s the entrance along with some more snaps to whet your appetite.

Next to the Catalonia is a colossal Samsung Unpacked banner which consumes an entire building, whilst on the other side of the road the entrance to the congress sits ready as final preparations are made. Stay tuned..

Link – Coolsmartphone Live Gallery