Google Buzz – Can it conquer the social scene ?

Google Buzz   Can it conquer  the social scene ? Pah. Who needs Facebook ? Well, this is what Google are hoping you’ll think following the launch of Google Buzz. It’s a way to share your photos, videos and updates and it’s already integrated into some Gmail accounts.

It’s also available for your phone – just browse to on your device to grab the client. An Android client is obviously already there, but Windows Mobile users can’t quite get the full functionality just yet – a Buzz Layer on Google Maps for mobile is available from though.

Google Buzz will integrate your status updates with your current GPS location and you can see other “buzz” in your local area. Imagine super-local Twitter trends and you’ll soon begin to see the power behind this. Google are also integrating a post button within and you can talk to your Android phone and update that way.

Click on to see a video showing it all in action. Google may be collosal, but can they really knock people off Twitter and Facebook ?

Update – Hmm.. looks like Google are yet again hitting the fragmentation wall – Buzz is only available for Android 2.0 and above. This instantly puts the brakes on most Android phones out there. Fail.

Links – Google BuzzDemo video

Credit – Marcus Isaacs