Android Powered Qisda Heading To Vodafone?

Android Powered Qisda Heading To Vodafone?

UnWiredView have found reports that a new Android phone could be announced during March 2010 called the Quisda QCM-330 (yes a mouthful i know) and the specs are pretty impressive if you ask me.  The reason this would appear to be Android based is the single ‘Home’ button found alongside the call keys.

A 4 inch screen packing a rumored 1280×1024 resolution, a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA and WiFi for connectivity also.

Vodafone are tipped to have won the contract for this device but again this is all speculation until something becomes more concrete but i have to say from the pictures the Qisda is a stunning device that will interest many a tech geek.

Link: UnWiredView
Picture: Mobile-Review 

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