Price drop on HTC phones

Price drop on HTC phones Devicewire have been busy. They’ve just dropped the prices on stacks of HTC kit. The HTC Touch2 (reviewed here) was £275.99 but now it’s only £199.95. The HTC Touch Pro2 was £444.99, now it’s down to £354.94.

Other handsets are down in price too. The HTC Snap (reviewed here) was £275.99, now £219.95. The excellent HTC Hero (reviewed here) was £357.99, but now they’re doing it for just £314.95. The HTC Touch Diamond2 (reviewed here) was £321.99, but this is only £274.95.

All handsets are direct from HTC and unlocked, so you can benefit from direct updates via the HTC Support site. Delivery on all devices has dropped from £7.95 to only £6.95 – sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery before 1PM. Feel free to give them a call on 0800 198 0000 completely free too!

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