HTC HD2 Shows up on the Orange website

HTC HD2 Shows up on the Orange website We know already that the rather spiffing HTC HD2 is available from T-Mobile, o2 and Vodafone here in ‘old Blighty. Orange though, have always maintained that they won’t be selling it.. but hey, what’s this in their support section? A dedicated HD2 support page ?

Now, either Orange are really going out of their way to help people buying the unlocked one and using it on Orange, or they’re about to launch it themselves.

Update – Well, it does indeed seem that Orange are customer service kings. They’ve told us that they still have no plans to range the HD2 and they do sometimes do “Help and Support” pages for handsets that were bought through other channels.

Link – Orange Help and Support (via the drop-down on this page)

Credit – Counterfitninja