Orange HTC Hero ROM Upgrade appears online

Orange HTC Hero ROM Upgrade appears online OK, unless our eyes are deceiving us it appears that a new HTC Hero update has appeared for Orange customers. It’s ROM Version and we’re currently waiting to see what improvements this brings as the previous version was and it’s probably not the Android 2.1 update we’re all waiting for.

Download it here and don’t forget to backup all your stuff first (use Astro or similar).

Update – It’s still Android 1.5, but the build number is now CL#82177. Thanks to forum member “bugeyes” for pointing out the new “People” widget that’s been added (there’s a 3×3 grid which is quite nice). We think there may be a few more widgets in there too. Let us know what you find.

Link – HTC Hero Upgrade for Orange customers

Credit – Andrew Farquhar