Nexus One receives data fix and yes, multi-touch!

Nexus One receives data fix and yes, multi touch! If you’re lucky enough to have a Nexus One handset from Google then you should’ve just received an update which will fix the data issues and add in multi-touch capability. There’s several websites carrying the update this morning too, but if it’s not flashed up as an OTA update you should probably get it directly from Google on this link. If you need it – just dump it into your SD card, rename to, shutdown and then boot into recovery mode by holding the power and volume buttons down. Click to apply the update from the storage card and you’re done.

The update gives the much-needed pinch-to-zoom capabilities in Gallery, Maps and the browser, plus there’s Google Goggles and a new version of Google Maps.

Link – Nexus One Update (Feb 2 2010)

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