Got moisture in your phone? Give this a try

Got moisture in your phone? Give this a try A bag of Basmatic rice? What’s that got to do with phones? Well, this all came from a conversation I was having with someone last week and I had to actually put it into action this weekend. A friend had told me about a phone he’d dropped in the snow – water had got into the volume controls. I told him to try the “rice on the radiator” trick, assuming that pretty much everyone had heard of it. He hadn’t, so I made a mental note to do a post about it but never did.

This weekend, when I accidentally left my phone in the bathroom while the shower was on, I ended up with a HTC Hero which had only half of the touch-screen working. Moisture had got into the inside of the phone and heat alone didn’t seem to be fixing it.

The fix actually involves dumping your phone into a bag of rice, sealing it up nice and tight and leaving it on the radiator overnight. I’ve done a quick video demo showing you how it’s done. Click on to view..

Link – Getting moisture out of your phone