Vodafone HD2 customers – not happy campers

Vodafone HD2 customers   not happy campers We’ve been kicking around the t’interwebs for quite some time now and we’re well versed in the reasons for slow OS upgrade roll-outs. For Windows Mobile it’s been a battle we’ve followed for quite some time now. It usually goes like this – an update becomes available it’s rolled out to the unlocked “direct from the manufacturer” handsets, but those with network-branded or network-provided handsets must wait. Why ? Well, there’s a long list of reasons, but it’s mostly because the networks need to check that everything works and the added network bits are still there. If something is different it could prove a customer service headache.

But… The iPhone kinda changed all this. Customers expect prompt updates, and it smarts when some phones get an update but other handsets, identical albeit for a network logo, get stuck in the past. Vodafone customers are feeling this particularly hard at the minute, with HD2 owners voicing their concern in the Vodafone forums. Complaints are stacking up, and customers are certainly not happy – they seem to be on ROM version 1.43 and 1.66 appeared just recently. One comment reads..

“This is just getting ridiculous now. What on earth have Vodafone got to test??? HTC are the ones providing the phones to them, HTC are the ones providing the ROM updates.”

Link – Vodafone Forums

Credit – David Buller