Zune code reveals PMX references

Zune code reveals PMX references

OK, let’s bring you up to speed with the escalating Windows Mobile 7 rumours. First up, it does seem certain now that Microsoft will announce it at Mobile World Congress following a comment by MS CFO Peter Klein. He’s quoted by electronista as saying that the next version of Windows Mobile will be shown “in a few weeks”. It’s assumed that this means the Barcelona event.

Also the guys at zuneboards.com have been poking around with the latest Zune HD update and have found some very interesting bits of information. In the list of hardware it clearly shows some extra devices “PmxPure” and “PmxTurtle”. Now, that definitely rings a rather big bell doesn’t it? The PMX (Premium Mobile eXperiences) team were formed after Microsoft swallowed up Danger and, working with Sharp, some leaked renders appeared last year. They were tagged with the names “Turtle” and “Pure” at the time under Project Pink.

Within the code there’s also a chunk of text stating, “View and manage pictures and videos taken with your phone at the Studio”. This makes us think that there’s some sort of online photo / video sharing system coming from Microsoft.

Again, we could guess and assume things here, but there’s a few more days to wait until the Mobile World Congress begins to get something concrete.

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