Toshiba are back. TG02 is real enough

Toshiba are back. TG02 is real enough When we reviewed the Toshiba TG01 we kinda felt a little sorry for it. The specs were great, the form-factor was great, but the front of the phone was badly designed and Windows Mobile 6.1 left it feeling old before it even got started. Hopefully the appearance of the Toshiba TG02 on the FCC could mean that Toshiba are about to launch a much better package. We’re hoping WinMo 6.5 this time .. perhaps even 7, the specs would probably be good enough.

The TG02 is a quad-band handset which looks set for Europe and has a GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth on board too. More as we get it on this, but this will definitely be worth a visit to the Toshiba stand at the Mobile World Congress.

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