Windows Mobile 7 – More Leaked Requirements

Windows Mobile 7   More Leaked Requirements

There has been lots of hype over the last few months, especially since the release of HTC’s acclaimed HD2, regarding the next evolution of Windows Mobile phones.  With Apple not straying far from their proven OS with its latest iteration, and with Android hitting the market in a big way (and across multiple manufacturers), Windows Mobile users have had to be content with Microsoft’s 6.5.x OS.  

However with the latest round of leaks from the Redmond giant, perhaps there is cause for the rumour mill and the hype to be ramped up to a whole new level.  Eldar Murtazin over at Unwired View states that not only does he know the requirements for a device to run Windows Mobile 7, but has a WM7 device and is currently testing it!  

Some of the requirements he mentions are below:

  • 1GHz processor 
  • 3.6 inch WVGA display 
  • G-sensor and compass 
  • 8GB of onboard memory 
  • 5MP camera 

Link – UnwiredView

From these hardware requirements it seems Microsoft have set their sights on going after the power user market like never before.  With the ever increasing hardware take-up of Qualcomm’s speedy 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and the increasing size of touchscreens on devices however it remains to be seen what the battery life will be like after a Microsoft Windows Mobile OS layer is added to the mix.

Microsoft will however, be hoping that these requirements entice some of the Manufacturers which have been courted by Google’s Android OS in recent months, back into the fold and make itself a stronger player and a more credible alternative to Apple & co.