Want Android games? Fill yer boots!

Want Android games? Fill yer boots! All too often we hear that “Android doesn’t have many games”. Sure, there might not be quite as many as other platforms but this video shows off 50 of them. AndroidHD demo a lot of very fine games here, you can get the full list below along with the video itself.

I spotted Flight Director in this vid, it’s actually a game I’ve got installed too (thanks to Ant for recommending that one). Simple but addictive!

Link – 50 Games in one videoAndroidHD
Credit – Sam Allen

The games show are… Homerunbattle 3D, Speed Forge 3D, Radiant, Flight Director, Zen Table Tennis, Tank Ace 1944, Sky Force, Shoot U!, Armageddon Squadron, Light Racer 3D, Gang Wars, Wave Blazer, Death Ride, Head to Head Racing, Avatar, Farm Frenzy, Light Racer, Family Guy Uncensored, Super Boom Boom, Toonwarz, Air Hockey, Meteor, What the Doodle!?, Raging Thunder, The Settlers, Lightup, The Game of Life, Military Madness, Bebbled, Jump Santa Jump, Diner Dash, Brain Challenge, Assassins Creed, Space Physics, Million Dollar Poker, Derek Jeter 2009, Armoured Strike, Robo Defence, Guitar Hero, Air Attack, WPT Texas Hold’em, De Blob, Papastacker, Spades, Spore, Tennis Slam, Iron Sight, Tetris, Tower Bloxx, Mechanics Touch, TightRope Hero and flying aces